Author- Dale Carnegie

Publisher(In India)- Manjul Publishing House


All of us want to develop our leadership skills and improve our ability to influence more and more people.Whether you are a student,businessman,teacher,housewife or public speaker, you must have a dexterity in dealing with other people.We can call it- Human Engineering. Many of us find it difficult to influence other people for a cause.

The book ‘How to Win Friends & Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie tries to ease your uncomfort in dealing with other people. Dale Carnegie was an American writer,lecturer, and a trainer of public speaking and interpersonal skills. This book gives you many tips and tricks to develop amazing extraordinary skills.

This book is divided in 4 parts-

1- Fundamental techniques of handling people

2-Six ways to make people like you

3- How to win people to your way of thinking

4-Be a leader

In Part 1- Author tells us some techniques to handle other people. Some of these principle are- Don’t criticize or condemn other people, Give honest and sincere appreciation etc
In Part 2- In this part the author talks about 6 ways to make people like you. Some of them are- become genuinely interested in other people.
In Part 3- In the third part, the author tells us some tricks to win people to our way of thinking. Some of these tricks are- Avoid arguments, show respect to other persons opinion etc.
In the last part, the author gives some tips to improve our leadership skills. Some of them are - Praise and honest appreciation, Talk about your own mistakes before criticizing the other person etc.

My view-

This book is an amazing book. You should read it many times to assimilate all the ideas given in the book. After reading this book I realized that there is a lot to read and to do for dexterity in dealing with other people. After reading this book my confidence in dealing with people increased many folds. I loved the way the author uses real life incidents to clearly convey his ideas. If you want to get the essence of the book in a few minutes, just read the last lines of all chapters. Still, I recommend you to read this book thoroughly. Author uses so many stories to explain a principle, so If you want, you can skip the similar stories. One more thing, I recommend you to revise the main ideas of the book many times.

Who should read this book-

Everyone!! We are humans so to live our life smoothly, without any friction, we have to be good in making good relations with other human beings,and that’s what this book is all about.So I recommend this book to everyone whether you are a doctor,engineer,politician,student, businessman, housewife or anything else.


Happy reading!!



Book reviews, summaries etc. Various thought provoking articles about politics,lifestyle,philosophy etc.

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Neelotpal Singh

Book reviews, summaries etc. Various thought provoking articles about politics,lifestyle,philosophy etc.